Thursday, November 25, 2010

taking a quick break and being thankful

it's almost 830 in the evening and i'm still in the office. had a quick shawarma dinner then went back to work.

it's been a full day. woke up a bit before 6 am, tried to sleep again, failed, and eventually got up at 730. silent steady rain greeted the city this morning and i wanted nothing more than to stay in bed and just go back to sleep.

i'm exhausted. so exhausted in fact that last night i threw my whole family into a panic because i wasn't picking up my phone, the bedroom door was locked, and no banging on it could wake me up. eventually i got up to open the door and i swear my sister would have strangled me if she could. i had 14 missed calls. bad. this -- of someone who wakes up with the single click of a message. how could i have missed 14 runs of hawaii five-0?

it could be the long day i had yesterday. the past few weeks have been spent trying to fix stuff that should have been fixed ages ago. i won't go into details. let's just say i'm getting a crash course in accounting and i'm unwittingly polishing my excel skills. and the lawyering stuff is also there. had 4 hearings this week, another one tomorrow.

oh, and i got my first disbarment complaint yesterday. bummer.

but i'm hopeful. i may actually be able to swing things so i'll be free to bake soon. i miss baking. i must bake.

oh, and happy thanksgiving! i thank the Big Guy for my beautiful sisters, my parents, my absolutely wonderful pamangkins, and friends who make things better just by being them. i'd kill for you all. i'm thankful i have work. i'm thankful i have health. i'm thankful for the daily food, the shelter from the rain, the clothes on my back. life is still good, despite this nagging depression that threatens to overtake me.

now back to work. work, you are a harsh mistress.

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