Sunday, November 21, 2010

paella fever

some weeks ago my brother in law had his __ birthday. my sister asked me to cook paella, a request i answered with a desperate "i don't know how!"

however, remnants of the conditioning  to follow my elders unconditionally remained so i decided to look for a recipe and cook the darned thing. it was almost a disaster, watery, and well... watery. but it was a learning experience and the next try, and the next was better:

i cooked a batch this morning. i have my own recipe now, and i must say, i think it's a success. of course in my rush to make the darned thing i fell down a couple of steps and banged myself up but i got up and finished cooking. i am certain i will feel the pain later tonight, but that's tonight.

here are some photos i took using my phone. gives you an idea what i put in the paella. :)

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