Saturday, February 11, 2006

ang lamig meyn

arrived in baguio at 5:45 this morning. it was cold in the bus but i was used to that. i had my trusty jacket and blanket with me. but when i got out of the bus i almost froze. ang lamig talaga meyn.

i felt my nose freezing. not a good feeling.

anyways, when i got to the house, i rang the doorbell. once. twice. thrice. called up all the people with cellphones in the house. rang the doorbell again. sigh. nobody was opening the door.

i got in eventually and i checked the thermometer to see what the temperature in the house was. 16.7 degrees centigrade. with all the windows closed. no wonder i almost froze outside. the wind was even blowing.

i plunked down on the sofa, slept, and waited for daryl to wake up.

so good to be home.


  1. congrats sa new pamangkin mo! I was in Baguio yesterday. Balikan lang ako. Daming work sa opis. I miss Jo-Lo already.

    Walang tao sa house nyo? 16.7 sa loob ng bahay... so mas malamig sa labas. *sigh* Kagagaling ko lang dun but I miss Baguio already.

  2. ako rin. it's always difficult to leave everytime i go home. :( but it's nice to know i can always just hop on a bus and be home in a few hours.