Tuesday, February 21, 2006

another one of those "i should've stayed in bed" days

i never run red lights, even at 2 am, i yield at intersections, let pedestrians cross, follow the rules for merging traffic, and generally follow traffic rules and regulations. well, speed limits are a little tricky.

so why is it, that when i was driving on the correct lane and i had to pump my brakes a little to avoid hitting a truck in front of me and at the same time signal left and actually move left, that 2 mmda guys happen to be staring smack at me? i got flagged for "illegally changing lanes" and "reckless driving." i begged to disagree.

but i talked my way out of it. of course i did. but i was running late.

then some idiot congressman in a ford expedition tried to squeeze in front of me, sounding off his siren at the same time. i let him. but the idiot behind him, a bodyguard i suppose, actually forced me to almost hit those abominable pink rails. i stopped and let him through. it wasn't enough for him though. he kept swerving to block my way.

when i finally got to makati, another idiot was doing something like 35 kph, staying in the middle of the road. i tried to pass him when it was clear, but no, he wouldn't let me. he actually veered left and i had to slam on my brakes. after which he swerved back to the right.

in the building's basement parking lot, this bmw with his lights off cut the corner and used his siren instead of his horn or his lights. good thing i was going slow and i saw him in time.

i am trying to calm down. there are too many idiots on the road.

i really should've stayed in bed. really really.

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  1. Aaargh. I once got into a fight with a taxi driver because he squeezed me nearly into the railing and the front of my car bruised his rear. He said I was trying to sqeeze him out and then I demonstrated to him that I could not even almost get into the car because the door was already banging into the railing.

    I am quite mild mannered but that was indeed something. Me shouting in the middle of the road and arguing with the taxi driver.