Tuesday, November 07, 2006

am back. i think.

it's been almost 2 months since i posted anything here. and am still not sure what i'm going to post about. it's not that there's nothing happening. on the contrary, a lot of things have been happening lately.

let me see. i went to palawan. went to a beach in la union with my family. watched my nephew start to crawl and listened to him cry because he's teething. got a friend back and lost him in a space of a few days. read several books. played untold hours of badminton. discovered that that anti-hangover thing available in the market actually works. transferred workstations. pined over someone. the list will probably go on and on if i actually sat myself down and thought about it.

but i can't seem to write things down properly. oh, nothing's wrong with my brain. been writing some sample abstracts for work and they didn't end up too bad.

i guess my world is in a spin at the moment. and i hope it will settle down soon. i need to write things down. i need the comfort of being able to put things into something structured (at least for me) and maybe put a little more order in my life.

oh well. at least this is a post. will try to post pictures soon. try being the operative word.

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