Friday, March 03, 2006

i am in despair

was almost late for work because...i couldn't fit into my jeans.

how pathetic is that? i have never been really worried about my weight. i gain and lose weight in cycles so quick i have stopped keeping track. as far as i'm concerned, as long as i still comfortably fit into my clothes, i'm doing awryt.

and now it has happened. soon as i finally had my jeans zipped i sat down and tried to figure out how to tie my shoe laces without

1) busting the zip of my jeans
2) dying from oxygen deprivation in my brain
3) pushing my breakfast out the way it came
4) tearing up the skin around my midsection.

i got my laces tied, tho, with a lot of effort and concentration. then i sat back again and took deep breaths. by the time i got a cab it was 10:30. but i wasn't late.

i will not buy bigger clothes, nor will i embark on self-starvation. the way i see it, i really have to move this big ass. now.

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