Wednesday, March 15, 2006


sooner or later you find that you're going nowhere and that you don't know what to do next and you feel so lost. every song, phrase, word, or scene that you chance upon triggers your memory. you remember, and you feel the longing.

you sit down and try your best to get your bearings. sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't, and you still feel lost.

you ask yourself how long you're going to stay like this but you don't hear yourself answering because you don't know.

you bury your face in your hands and try to shut the world out. for a while. just for a while. and maybe, just maybe, if you sit there long enough, you will find your way.


  1. ah yes. meditation and a moment alone can do wonders. Long walks can be relaxing too. Especially in Baguio.

  2. oo nga eh. gusto ko nang umuwi ulit habang bilog pa ang buwan.