Wednesday, January 11, 2006

on a day like today

browsed through my archives to see what i blogged about on the same date last year and the year before that. fortunately enough there are entries dated january 11, 2004 - sibling rivalry and january 11, 2005 - magnetic poetry.

it's not enough tho, if i plan to review the life i've led for the past 2 years since i started working. so i guess that'll have to wait till the weekend.

in the meantime, i work.


  1. Buti ka pa nga eh, nakapag-flashback. Dumating at lumipas yung anniversaries (o ha ang dami!) ng blogs ko, di ko na na-celebrate. Sayang, tig-isang blog entry rin yun... di bale, this year na lang.

  2. hehehe. nakakatuwa lang bumalik. at malaman na hindi pa rin ako nagbago. hehehe.