Monday, January 30, 2006

oompa loompa

seriously considering changing careers.

lately i've been making truffles left and right, experimenting with various flavors and shapes, and learning the tricks of tempering and dipping and making centers. go figure.

i think i've mentioned it before that cooking is one thing i really enjoy. i guess there's something comforting about knowing exactly what to do, and knowing just what went wrong if things don't turn out as expected. i figured i might as well make money while am at it.

so i made some samples, and let people in the office taste them. lo and behold i had orders long before i even computed the cost of making them.

although i know that at this point it would be foolish for me to do it full time, my thoughts never stray far from making chocolates.

weird, since i'm not all that fond of chocolate. but i like making them, and that's that, i suppose.


  1. Jessie, bawal sa akin ang chocolates (and other sweets for that matter. they make me sweat profusely). But for your chocolate goodies I will make an exception!

  2. hehehe. thanks. sige. you're in the makati area di ba? taste test ka minsan.