Monday, February 26, 2007

where you eat your best

last saturday my sisters and i were talking about a very important topic. where to have lunch. we were in oakwood, preparing to go home but nobody wanted to eat in the makati area. we were calling out restaurant names when i had this brainstorm. RODIC's!

none of us graduated on time (well maybe ate lani but then she's a sorta kinda nerd so...let's leave her out of this) so we spent more years in UP than usual. and throughout our stay there (collectively around 13 years) there were 4 places that we frequented. rodic's, khaz food house, beach house, and the kalayaan isaw.

these three 4 places saw us through a lot of lean times. the isawan in particular for me because back then one stick of isaw cost only 1 peso. i used to buy rice at the coop, have the lady put some sauce on it, then buy 10 pieces of isaw. mighty filling at 15 pesoses! anyway back to saturday.

we were all in agreement that rodic's was IT! only to find out that traffic was hell along katipunan. but we braved it. the welcoming smiles on the faces of the staff (yes, they remembered us. we're too big to forget. hehehe) made us smile in turn. so we ordered food. there were 8 of us, including 1 kid and 1 infant. as you can see we had a fiesta.

everything was as good as we remembered. i suppose the good memories associated with the place helped. but it felt good to be back there eating. and the prices didn't hurt. P1113.00 for 8 people who actually ordered food good enough for twice that many.

by the end of the meal we were all smiling and full. we had some left-overs which we gave to some kids out back. all in all, a very good meal.

rodic's. where you do eat your best. give it a try some time.

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