Friday, February 09, 2007

world gone mad

my world, at least.

a month and a half into the new year and i feel like i'm going through an endless roller coaster ride. so many ups and downs and sometimes i can't help but feel like i'm being blown around by a whimsical wind.

i'm not myself. or maybe i am. maybe i'm just lonely so i go and do things to dull that loneliness. things. with consequences that make me want to slap myself upside the head.

no worries though. at least not yet.

i guess i need a break to settle myself. a day at the beach or in the mountains. with stretches of nothingness to soothe my weary head.

the prospect is so appealing i want to go now. right this moment. but i have to work.

maybe i have to resign to take a break. that thought bears consideration.

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