Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I want this love
Though it hurts me so
I want this love
Can’t let you go
Every moment without you
Reminds me of things
We used to do
Laughing at nothing
Every second worth rejoicing
Sharing our sorrows
And dreams of tomorrow
Loving like it will never end
How quickly you’ve become
My best friend.
Giving you the best of me,
Taking what you give
Wishing for forever
Saying goodbye
Keeping your hand in mine
Convincing myself
We’ll be fine.
I want this love
That hurts with goodnight
That makes me lonely
When you’re out of sight.
I want this love
That makes me feel alive
With every little pain
I feel inside.
So stay close to me,
Stay close and you will see
This pain I have
Is because we loved.

©tina b.
3:08 a.m.
March 8, 2005


  1. There.

    See Jessie? This is its rightful place, not hidden on my comment box. Now it's proudly and beautifully placed for all to see and enjoy.

    Good job, Jessie. :)

  2. thanks jet. :) i had half a mind to just ask you to post it on your site. hehehe.

    thanks again. hope you are well.