Wednesday, March 16, 2005

stupid bank

the other day i found out that my atm card can no longer be read by atm units. since i still had about 100 pesos i didn't worry about it so much. i had food, my transpo was taken care of, and i didn't foresee any spending sprees.

however, 100 pesos can only go so far. went to the branch here and told them about my problem. my account is in baguio so i was asking if i could withdraw over the counter here. the guy said yes, but there was a surcharge of 150 pesos. excuse me? handling fee costs that much?

so i said forget about it. he said my card was old and that i should call up my branch because supposedly, i already have a newly issued pre-encoded card since they changes designs already.

asked my sister to call the bank and they said i didn't have a card there because they didn't receive a request from me. but they were the ones who changed cards, right? i shouldn't have to apply for a new one. they said no. i should apply. PERSONALLY.

the stupid idiot my sister was talking to could not comprehend what my sister was patiently explaining. that i was manila based, and that it would be impossible for me to take a leave from work, go up to baguio on a weekday, JUST SO I CAN PERSONALLY APPLY FOR A NEW ATM CARD.

UGH!!!! then they had another suggestion. for me to withdraw my money here, pay the surcharge, close my account and open another account in one of their manila branches.

ano sila, hilo? after subjecting me and my sister to their abject idiocy they expect me to open an account in one of their branches?

ang tanga naman nila.

it's too early in the day for this. sigh.

will go bring my money elsewhere.

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