Tuesday, March 08, 2005

i'm electric

way back in college we had this class where we had to choose a concept for a room, design it, and defend it. we chose a computer room. piece of cake, right?

we had it all down -- the number of computers, the ergonomic computations, movement study, color, efficiency, etc....

one member of the panel asked "what is the static coefficient of your carpet?"

to say we were stumped would be the understatement of that year. we hadn't the faintest idea what she was talking about. she must have noticed the absolutely blank looks on our faces because she proceeded to explain what she meant.

something about the presence of computers which increased the static of the carpet. so we needed a carpet that would suppress it. i forget now whether the static coefficient should be higher or lower.

we passed though. thank goodness.

anyway, the reason i remembered is because never a week goes by here in the office that i don't get electrocuted (for the lack of a better word) everytime i go near cubicles or i lean on the divisions. i've gotten used to it some, but i still get startled and i jerk away. good thing it's not the type of electricity that burns.

i suppose i should have paid better attention to that static coefficient thingie.

but for now, you live. you learn.


  1. I've electrocuted an officemate in a former office. I've also shocked myself when I tapped on a cubicle. And then I find out from Discovery channel that the electricity I just generated could have started a car. Eep!

  2. really??? dang. learn something new everyday. ;)

    i've learned never to drag my feet on the carpet to minimize the static electricity. and to avoid rubbing against anything. non-human, that is. :D