Saturday, March 12, 2005

lessons from a wedding

went to my sister's best friend's wedding to my sister's boyfriend's fraternity brother yesterday.

it was one of the most beautiful weddings i have ever attended -- the music was good, the priest was good, and everybody looked happy. plus the food was good too.

but like any other experience, there are things that you will learn:

1. it is next to impossible to completely button a bustier if you're alone in the car; wearing a skirt over your shorts in the car is next to next to impossible.

2. lotion on your feet, killers heels, and steep steps do not, i repeat -- do not, go well together.

3. driving for 2 hours along south super highway with your window open will get the nails on your left hand dirty, but not your right.

4. the most beautiful person in a wedding is the bride, no matter how sleep deprived, tense, or tired she is.

5. sometimes, weddings make you cry.

6. white roses are still prettier than red ones.

7. when they said "sonya's garden bed and breakfast" they really meant the garden part.

8. peeing in a bathroom with humongous screens overlooking a garden makes you feel horribly naked.

9. sun dried tomatoes rock.

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