Thursday, March 03, 2005


finally got the chance to watch an episode of csi season 5. the scenes were a lot more graphic and arresting. as always, i found myself fascinated by the methods and concepts in the series. of course i found myself wondering what would happen if there was a csi philippines.

hmm. i think they would fail miserably. but that's just me.

here's why i think so:

1. everybody shares stuff in the philippines - hairbrushes, clothes, clips, pens, utensils, cups, straws, toothbrushes (yes, it's been known to happen), phones, computers, shoes, cars.... name it. it's been shared.

2. everybody is a relative of everybody else. and yes, most will cover their relatives' tracks if needed.

3. people give everybody rides, even those who are practically strangers.

4. souvenirs abound in houses. people have a tendency to give away stuff that visitors and friends take a liking to.

5. sleepovers are common. can you imagine how many types of dnas are spread this way?

6. investigating buses involved in an accident or homicide would take forever and a day. and then some. imagine trying to isolate one dent from another? next to impossible.

7. friends store stuff in other friends' bags and houses and cars and promptly forget about it.

8. everyone accommodates everybody else. someone issues a check for someone else, or uses someone's name to get somewhere....

9. people like to go to crime scenes for the heck of it. bedlam.

guess this is my list. of course, anyone thorough enough would be able to sift through and get the truth. but then one episode would take weeks.

something to think about. good morning! :)

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