Monday, March 28, 2005

just a kiss

caught the bottom half of the movie just a kiss last night. i found myself scratching my head in confusion.

first i saw a couple kissing, a colored suicide, then 3 funerals, then marissa tomei coming on to a guy at the last funeral, then the guy giving the girl in the casket a kiss, then that girl came alive then was really dead then everything zoomed back to another scene and everyone was alive again.

sigh. whatever i had been worrying about was pushed to the back burner in an effort to understand what i was watching. finally gave up.

must look for the dvd.


  1. Your description reminded me of 4 weddings and a funeral actually. Buti ka pa, you got to go home. I will be able to do it later this year.

  2. oo nga eh. took an extended leave. will be back at work on monday na. :) talk about being tamad.

    i thought it was 4 weddings and a funeral too but the actors were different. weird sya but i want to watch it in full.

    sige uwi ka. lamig ngayon pag gabi