Thursday, April 14, 2005


yes, that is exactly how i felt the whole day. the guy in charge of the floor in the office refuses to lower the thermostat in the office. they claim that they're trying to test if the air conditioners can actually maintain a temperature below 27 degrees centigrade in the office.

27 freakin degrees???? do they have any idea how hot that is? where i come from, the maximum i've ever encountered was 26 degrees, and we considered that sweltering already.

and they want us to stay in our itchy office clothes and calmly work in the heat like there was nothing wrong.

i've been barely functional the whole day.

sigh. the moon is smiling outside my window and it's a cool evening, thank heavens.

will watch moon.


  1. I think the best way to deal with this is to begin gathering pallets and boxes and that sort of thing. Lay them out every day on the floor. Use a hammer to nail them into place.

    Insist that if they will not lower the thermostat, you will continue to raise the level of the floor.

  2. this is the best suggestion i've ever heard in years.