Saturday, April 30, 2005

taking things slow

well here i am back in baguio after all the brouhaha of the past few weeks. it's all been a blur-- celebrating with people, trying to work, catching up on my reading, still trying to work...

attended the oath-taking yesterday. with a hangover. :( so let me put a new date on my april 9 post. make that april 29. :)

my mind is mercifully empty this morning. thank god for small blessings. will post again later.


  1. Haaaayyyyy gusto ko na ring umuwi pero mga july or august pa siguro... I miss Baguio!

  2. it's really a relief to be home. sobrang init ngayon dyan sa manila. but it's kinda warm here too. uwi na kayo!!!

  3. But... Why the sad smiley? :) Happy nga dapat ikaw, 'di ba? Imagine: ilan sa nag-take ng oath ang senglot the night/morning before?! Baka ikaw lang! :D

    Congratulations for the nth time, beer buddy. :)