Saturday, September 22, 2007


finally have time to blog, and guess what. i don't know where to begin.

maybe i could backtrack and start from the end.

in a few days i'll be flying home. i can't wait to get home and be surrounded by pinoys.

i've been away for almost 3 months. for someone on vacation, that's a long time. for someone working abroad, that's just a tiny nick in the fabric of time for an OFW, but i'll get to that later.

it's been crazy these past 3 months. i have almost 5000 pictures, several wounds, newly developed muscle groups, some new clothes and shoes, and new expressions to show for the past 3 months. i've ridden trains, trams, and buses and i'm sure if i took the time out i'd be able to count the number of rides i've taken. i drove to germany from the netherlands and back. i drove from milan to rome and back. i rode a sleeper train, a gondola, a vaporetto. i've done so much walking my feet feel like they walked from baguio to pampanga. (thank the italians for superbly designed shoes)

i will post slowly but surely when i get home.

i've missed blogging. i look forward to doing it again.

few more days and i'll be home. home.



  1. Wow! Inggit naman kami! 3 months vacation abroad! To the highest level vacation po ito!

  2. hehehe. balang-araw jo-lo gagawin mo rin yan. :)

    andito ako sa baguio na. minsan magkita tayo dala ko si daryl. ingat lagi. hello kay mommy tina at daddy nick.