Friday, September 05, 2008

the tourist bit

when i was a first-time traveler i made the mistake of trying to see all the sights i could for the duration of my stay. i found that that kind of strategy only got me tired and sorry that i missed out on the other must-see spots. not to mention the fact that since i was always rushing to get to the next tourist spot, i only had time to pose, snap this or that picture, and leave.

i was always tired after each trip, and i always end up wishing i had stayed a bit longer at the places i had visited.

after a few trips i decided enough was enough. i decided that i was not going to do that anymore. if i could get to a must-see place, i would. but i would not go out of my way to go to those sights if it would mean losing time and missing the point of the entire trip -- having fun.

so here i am. missed seeing disney and universal. but i spent the whole day at seaworld, and having an open schedule was wonderful. i did the arabian nights dinner show and affirmed my love for horses. i spent hours and hours on the beach, and i swam with some kids at the pool. i rode the "kraken" rollercoaster two times in a row.

drove a hummer, ate humongous platters of crab and shrimps, and basically just had a good time.

so maybe i missed out on disney and universal. but i think i spent some quality time having fun and resting. and maybe the things i've missed will be reason for me to come back.

so, here are a few pictures.

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