Tuesday, February 03, 2009

you talking to me?

hmmm. so one day i was waiting at the bus terminal, killing time before i had to take the bus home. i got a call from my sister and she informed me that i had a notice of hearing from the dotc, for allegedly hitting a car, and driving without a license AND driving an unregistered car.


how is that even possible? 1-- i NEVER drive without a license (i feel naked, for some reason) 2-- i NEVER drive an unregistered car 3-- the car they said i was driving was kojak (my ever beloved kojak), whom i have not seen, much less driven in almost 2 years.

of course i was pissed. who wouldn't be? i called my dad since he was the one who sold the car. and then he made calls and then those idiots who bought my car said they couldn't register it for some reason or another. argh!

well i fixed it. i would show them wall-sized copies of my passport to indicate that i was not even in the country when the thing happened!

oh well. i eventually got my temper under control, and let it pass. and then yesterday, while i was checking mail, i got mail from a website asking to confirm my email address. it was addressed to JENNIFER Q.

again, HEYNG! if i were to use a pseudonym it would not be jennifer. no offense to the jennifers out there, but do i look like a jennifer to you?

thought so.

so who the hell would be using my email address? i accessed the account and changed the password. let her figure out how that happened.

it just bugs me. i'm sure it would bug you too.

all i ask is that they let me be me. if they want to be me? well too bad, tough sh*t.

(and before you make any scathing remarks, it's my blog after all. :D)


  1. Scary! Identity theft isn't a joke. It can mess up your whole life. Anyway, glad things were resolved.

  2. true. specially there where everything is electronic.

    and at least it happened in my hometown. plenty of backup. :)

    as for jennifer, gosh i still can't get over it!

  3. ah ok. o di ba mader, wish na lang nila na maging ikaw sila... :D

    mabuti na lang, you know how to fix it. e kung katulad kong clueless on how to go about it, susmio... stressed out na naman ako nyan pag nagkataon. grrrr!