Thursday, April 30, 2009

the devil and the deep blue sea

with the world in an almost panic over swine flu, articles on the disease abound. as i was looking for articles that would explain the symptoms, and the treatment, i came across an article with this headline:
'Meningo' death alarms hospital staff

since i live in a place that was previously ground zero for meningococcemia, i was naturally intrigued.

i read the article and found myself going back to this paragraph:
Peralta stressed that there was no cause for panic as Lopez’s death was believed to be due to meningococcemia and not swine flu.

excuse me?

how could the meningo death not be cause for panic? the weird thing is that the paragraph immediately preceding said this:
The symptoms of meningococcemia are high grade fever, rashes, weakness, seizures and internal bleeding. Death usually occurs within 24 hours after onset.

again, death within 24 hours after onset. it's meningo, not swine flu. don't panic. 'cept it'll kill you within 24 hours.

weird, di ba? la lang.


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