Friday, January 15, 2010

in this day and age...

saw this article and the following portion caught my eye and sent me into gales of laughter:

Marriage should not be treated like a rental contract that has an expiration. Marriage, according to the solon, is imbued with social responsibility that should be upheld by couples.

The proposal also goes against the provisions of the Constitution because the highest law of the land clearly advocates marriage and family. It is also anti-women because it would give men the opportunity to leave his wife after 10 years and easily find a new one, Maza said.
(emphasis mine)

did anybody ever stop to think that after 10 years the wife can leave her husband and find a new one? why is it that a statement defending women sounds so anti-women? or is it just me?

source and full story here


  1. i agree Tina, kawawa talaga siya pag iniwanan ko.hekhek hek.ewan ko rin kung bakit nasabi yun ni Maza. sounded interesting,though.

    from pro-women

  2. Typical male. No idea what they're blathering on about. :-P And they like to think we'll die without them, when the exact opposite is true — they're the ones who'll die without us! >:)

  3. jasmin, oo nga. but it really is a weird statement.

    gracie!!!! been waiting to hear from you. and yes, they'll die without us. :)