Sunday, February 10, 2013

missing mommy

since daddy died i had been mommy's constant companion. we slept on the same bed and i rearranged my life practically so i could be with her.

some friends asked if this seemed like a burden to me, a question which surprises me no end because i genuinely enjoy spending time with mommy. but then again, not all moms are like mommy, i guess.

mommy is just as crazy, if not crazier, as i am. we would spend hours watching tv, or playing games on our respective ipads, or just talk. we would look at each other and laugh, getting the joke immediately.

she became my travel buddy, and we flew to europe, japan, and the US together, having a blast at airport lounges and comparing notes on the travel amenities of the different airlines.

i brought her to the US last year so she can get her permanent resident status, in preparation for citizenship. but i had to go back for work early this year, leaving mommy behind with my sister.

i miss her. it has been 36 days since i left the US. it seems longer. this is the longest i have been away from her since april 2011. i guess i feel out of sorts.

thank heavens for technology. we spoke yesterday via video call. it was my nephew's 7th birthday and it was pirate themed. 

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