Monday, March 11, 2013

coming home

first time to drive by myself from manila to baguio. considering that i traveled during the day it was a pretty light trip.

i enjoyed the drive. only a few trucks on the road, and a little more than few idiots with driver's licenses. it helped that i had a playlist for driving. familiar songs kept me company, and i didn't even feel the 5+ hours on the road.

it was cold when i got home and i realized how much i miss our house. the bank of windows, the humongous round table, the wooden... everything. this had been a sanctuary for me, and i almost always feel at peace here.

of course it didn't help that the car's alarm decided to go wonky last night and engaged itself every hour or so. but, me being me, i fell asleep immediately as soon as my head hit the pillow.

and i feel daddy's presence here. comforting and secure. i do miss mommy though. but i will see her soon.

yes, it is good to be home.

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