Monday, September 13, 2004

my new toy

got a new toy from my sister. it's a pocket pc!!!!

haven't explored it to my satisfaction yet but so far we've had a good working relationship. he recognizes my handwriting, and i keep him charged and dust free. fair deal, i should think.

can't wait to figure out all its capabilities. :) now to get a keyboard.


  1. Coolness! I always like new toys.

    Hope you have a lot of fun with your new toy. :)

    ps... i, too, have been out of circulation. how are the exams going?

  2. it sucked big time. but it's over. :)

  3. oo nga daw... sabi ni neil rin. i quote : 'chai, it's the weirdest and hardest exam daw ever' ..


  4. thanks. we were in the same room the last day. but it's over. :)