Thursday, October 14, 2004


went to get myself vaccinated today. there is an outbreak of chicken pox in the office and since i don't seem to remember being infected when i was younger (neither could my mom, for that matter), i thought it best to get a shot. plus a flu shot for good measure.

my cousin bien administered the shots. imagine my shock when he asked me this question:

madami ka bang taba sa tyan?


i thought he was just making cracks about me being fat. apparently he was not.

he said it would be less painful to get shots in the stomach if there's fat. there'll be less blood too. i, being the younger cousin and oh so trusting of mr. doctor cousin, decided to take the shots in my stomach.

there was no warning. first he was just pinching about 3 inches of my stomach. and then WHAM! i couldn't help it. i practically whimpered in pain. the vaccine was a suspension -- powder dissolved in liquid to reconstitute it -- and it was PAINFUL! i took it as a good sign though. there may be less fat there than i first thought.

the second shot was a little less painful, but painful nonetheless.

after the 2 shots, my legs felt wobbly, i felt sleepy, and oh so tired. i had to go back to the office to try to get some work done but i was starving already. i ended up just reading some and then we had dinner already.

now am all pooped. waiting for the fever which is a common side effect of vaccines.

oh well. at least when i go out of the country i'll be protected against the birds and the chickens.

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