Wednesday, October 13, 2004


yesterday morning i was watching tv when i came across a program where they were discussing religion. there were priests and bishops being involved. i don't really know why i stopped to watch but i did. (religious programs are not really my cup of tea)

what i heard left me slack-jawed in disbelief.

the priest (or bishop, am not really sure) was saying this about pre-marital sex and birth control:

"pre-marital sex and birth control are not wrong because the church says they're wrong. they're wrong because they're really wrong."


okay. it's the church. i'm there already. sex should be within the confines of marriage. and the bible said go forth and multiply. i'm there too.

but then we have to look at what is actually happening now. it's out there. people are having pre-marital sex. and some of these encounters end in people having babies. hence the multiply part.

but in my opinion, letting kids grow up in the streets, barefoot
and hungry, is way up there on the "WRONG" scale. mothers leaving their newborns to die in garbage bins or in gardens, or worse, under trucks, is a greater crime than practicing birth control.

people engage in pre-marital sex. that's a fact. perhaps in a perfect world people shouldn't. but they do. so we have to approach this in an appropriate manner. why say that birth control is wrong? is it, really? don't you think that it would be better to at least have a safety measure so that what they perceive as wrong will not be compounded?

and what of those who have more kids than they can feed? just because birth control is "wrong." i see kids in packs, running in the streets and begging. what will become of them?

nobody wants to hear about babies and children begging and starving. or babies dying. i'd rather hear about an increased sale of condoms. or pills.

the irony of it is that i've encountered women who got pregnant out of wedlock because they said that birth control is not right. yet they indulged in pre-marital sex. something which the church considers equally wrong. twisted, huh?

i'm probably not making sense. but it just ticks me off that people can be so blind. if people can stay chaste, hell why not? but for those who don't, or can't, or whatever, why aren't they taught to at least practice safe sex? that way there will be no children to suffer from the indiscretion of their parents.

hay naku.

basta, in my world, it is still more of a crime to have kids go hungry.

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  1. Anonymous4:45 PM

    AMEN to that!