Friday, September 16, 2005

music and then some

last night borcee, fams, and myself ended up in conspiracy to watch cooky chua. the set started late since her bassist (uy karen) was missing in action. when he arrived they set up onstage.

several people jammed with the group, one was tots tolentino, the other was joey quirino (i think) who never blinked the whole time he was playing the keyboards. there were a lot of musicians in the place, and one of them was a stroke survivor. we watched him sing, which he did with much enthusiasm, despite initially saying that he was shy.

when they were about to sing "isn't she lovely" the lights went out because of the rains. the emergency lights switched on and this guy started singing a capella. at the top of his voice. we just had to applaud when he stood up and started stomping his feet to keep time with the song. everybody was in high spirits by this time, buoyed no doubt by this guys zest.

i sat there, singing along and thinking that this is what it must be like to have a second chance. he was so ... ALIVE.

imagine how the world will be like if we all lived life that way. man, we'd all be LIVING.

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