Friday, September 02, 2005

the people who know how to run the country are busy cutting hair and driving cabs.

i heard this somewhere. or something like it.

for the past week all the taxis i've ridden had the impeachment proceedings on the radio. some will comment, some just listen on with grim faces. most likely they know more than the congressmen sitting at the house.

last night, however, the taxi driver was all smiles. he had a commentary on the impeachment on the radio, which he quickly changed to a music station. (looks like he wasn't interested in running the country).

he spoke to me in english and had a slightly feminine demeanor.

he dropped me off at conspiracy since i was attending a board meeting. here's how the conversation went:

him: here?
me: yes.
him: wag masyado inom ha?
me: opo.
him: (correcting me) opo ATE.
me: opo ate.
him: you have children na?
me: no.
him: so chubby ka lang?
me: oo, chubby lang ako.

i got out of the cab.

sigh. if he held the helm i have no doubt it would be very interesting for all us romans.


  1. I think he needs a little lesson on tact when talking to ladies :-).

    Jessie! Saan yung Chateau Verde?

  2. sa may UP sa likod ng shopping center.