Thursday, November 24, 2005

it's 4 am, good lord!

phone rang at 4 am.

me: hello?
her: sino na nga yung witches sa "charmed"? (who are the witches in "charmed" again?)
me: pru... ah... piper... ummm...paige...hmmmm...phoebe..
her: yes! phoebe!
me: you woke me up for this?
her: yes. i couldn't sleep. goodnight.
me: (insert wailing emoticon here)

yes, ladies and gentlemen. woke up with my heart racing. 4 am phone calls bring to mind bad news.

couldn't sleep after that. sigh. pregnant sisters.

on the upside, it's a boy. :)


  1. bwehehehe... sana minura mo.

  2. wala na ba katuloy yung Charmed? My wife and I follow that series.

    Congratulations! You'll be tita again soon!

  3. batjay: hehehe. di ko na naisip na murahin eh. :) di bale, pag nanganak na yun, bawi din yung puyat ko.

    watson: di ko na alam eh. dahil day in day out akong nakaharap sa computer, ayaw ko nang manuod ng tv...

    at salamat. sa 4D ultrasound kamukha ko yung baby. :D