Tuesday, November 27, 2007

badong, the latest victim

sab told me about teddy te's post.

my first reaction was, 'tangnang mga 'to.

wasn't it bad enough that under raul's deanship the better professors left the college? wasn't it bad enough that they put dean agabin on instructor status?. wasn't it bad enough that they installed professors who had no idea what "teaching" entailed?

dean badong is well loved. he taught us so well that even now, off the top of my head, i can answer questions about public office and administrative law. we have such fond memories of his stories in class, of him whistling "stella by starlight," of him teaching us what it was to be good by example, all the while teaching law in the grand manner.

these professors make me almost ashamed to be from the same college. the only saving grace is that people like badong and agabin come from the same place. like someone once said "up law has had its share of heroes and scoundrels."

go figure under which category those people on the public statement fall under.


  1. talagang ayaw na nila yata sa mahuhusay na profs, ano?

    one of my bosses -- the one who's also from UP law -- told me na according sa latest studies conducted by a reputable group (forgot na, sorry), our college is wayyyyy behind ateneo law na daw in terms of resources, range of subjects taught, and competence of the teaching staff (among others). sana, hindi tayo kabilang dun sa naturuan ng mga olats. :|

  2. unfortunately naabutan tayo eh. we all remember, don't we?

  3. jj disini9:12 PM

    please see the reply to teddy's post at http://disini.i.ph/blogs/disini/2007/11/27/an-open-letter-to-teddy-te/

  4. yes i have seen it, thanks.