Saturday, December 01, 2007

wala lang.

took the 430 pm bus from manila yesterday. veteran traveler that i am i had a blanket with me, a bonnet, a warm sweater, and thick socks in my bag for back up.

it was still warm when we left manila but i had a blanket out. to my surprise, the young lady beside me had a blanket too, which made me smile. we got comfortable and as i am wont to do when i travel, i slept.

the bus got colder as the night wore on. at some point i took my socks out and wore them, and covered my head with the blanket because it was freezing in the bus. with all my covering i was still cold and i could feel my face getting colder by the minute.

i took a quick glance around the bus and saw this guy and his girlfriend, huddled against the cold. i couldn't help but tsk tsk when i saw that the guy had no jacket on, and the girl was wearing a tiny thin windbreaker, which is useless in mobile freezers like the one we were in.

i felt a tinge of envy, though, because frankly, i would have preferred a warm body to snuggle up to. instead, i had my winter clothing keeping me warm.

oh well, at the end of the trip he was still freezing, and i was a bit warm. can't win 'em all.

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