Monday, October 06, 2008

wii, bacardi, and things i must do before i die

my sister and her kids have a wii console, which i heard is quite the rage. and rightly so. after the first time i tried it, i was hooked.

tennis got me hooked, and boxing. the kids laugh at me because i can't just do a flick of the wrist thing. i MUST have footwork. and sometimes, the living room is just not big enough.

the wii fit is also interesting, even though it said i was practically obese (obese, i think, is a state of mind. but that's me). i rock at hula-hoop, and the yoga exercises, but dodging a virtual soccer ball is just not my thing.

i am currently resting after two rounds of tennis with a virtual player. i lost both games and i'm a bit winded. it doesn't help that i'm on my nth glass of bacardi and shasta.

oh, things i must do before i die:

1. skydive
2. learn to play the guitar
3. get certified as a diver
4. write a novel, no matter how sucky.
5. finish that 2 liter bottle of bacardi.

coherent thoughts are becoming few and far between. till next.

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