Wednesday, October 15, 2008

on feeling ugly

the other day a friend of mine asked me if there were days when i felt ugly. i responded and said, yes, i've been having weeks of it.

i don't really know what brings it on, but lately, i've been feeling ugly, and worse, unwanted.

it's nothing i can really explain. i cannot point to any one thing or person and say that person/thing is the cause of this feeling.

i can't. i wish i could, then i could just address the thing.

i've felt this before. more times than i can count. my only consolation is that the feeling passes, sometimes quickly, sometimes after multiple sessions with my good friend red horse, and a good beating on the head.

seriously though, i am thankful it goes away. i don't think i could deal with feeling ugly for a long long long time. sabi nga ng nanay ko, "wala akong anak na pangit" (as my mom says "i do not have ugly children.")


  1. Kilala ko ata yung kaibigan mo, ha. :-P Well, I think that whatever you sent me yesterday, you should pretend I also sent it to you! :-)

  2. hahaha. okay. thanks! :)

  3. makinig ka kasi sa nanay mo. mother knows best di ba? :)

  4. salamat jet! oo nga, mother knows best. :)