Thursday, November 06, 2008

tick tock

people have been going at me to get married. you're not getting any younger is a phrase that has gotten old really quick.

it's funny. way back in high school, and college, and even in law school, my dad was worried i'd get pregnant out of wedlock, and probably have to get married because of it.

wonder of wonders, all my sisters are married with kids, and here i am, single and currently unattached.

i've had relatives telling their friends that i'm single and available and that i need a man.

correction. i don't need a man.

and really, i don't. i want one, maybe. i have my profession, my health, my family. i'm in a position right now to just go and do what i can and want to do.

but i do want to have kids, and soon. sayang naman ang lahi ko. :P

so... i will probably decide to have them, husband or not. it will probably make my parents cringe. or not.

who knows?

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