Friday, November 28, 2008

turkey day

it's my first thanksgiving, since it's a holiday that is not celebrated in the philippines. since i'm here, i might as well join the festivities. so i've made flan to feed about 20 people, and i'm waiting for the ribs to cook. we're having ribs for lunch.

while cooking earlier, i got to thinking about what i'm thankful for. it turns out, i have a LOT to be thankful for. from the tiniest thing like being able to scratch my back, to the big ones concerning family. so here's my list:

the tiny stuff--

i am thankful that...
1. i can scratch my back without pulling a muscle
2. my front teeth have never been subjected to root canals
3. my skin is not prone to acne (thank you parental genes)
4. i am able to touch type
5. i can still see my toes
6. i do not fidget
7. i can jump start a car
8. i have good night vision

the medium stuff--

i am thankful that...
1. i am able to eat regular meals
2. my parents put me through school
3. i am healthy enough to work
4. i speak excellent english and tagalog, and passable ilocano :P
5. i was born pinoy

the big stuff--

i am thankful for...
1. my mom and dad
2. the best sisters any one can ever have
3. friends
4. the blessed life i've had (yes, despite the laments)
5. µ¥ ∫ø≈.

thanks Big Guy. for everything.


  1. P'wede bang i-airmail yung tira-tira?

  2. sure ba. :P pero panay buto-buto na e

  3. Thank God for friends like you, Tinabee! :-) Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. and you, gracie. :) happy thanksgiving.