Saturday, May 24, 2014


today would have been the 54th wedding anniversary of my parents. a love story that seems quite long but in reality was cut short. they had so many more good years left, but the universe had other plans for them. daddy left, and mommy has had to cope with it.

earlier today i learned that a friend's newborn son passed away because of problems with his breathing. gone too soon. i forcibly stopped myself from asking why.

in the past years i have learned to just trust that there is a reason for everything, and accept that i do not have to know the reason. it is a difficult lesson to learn, and one i have yet to fully master.

on days like this i cannot help but wonder why some people are taken away so early. i  find myself wondering why some people who do so much good in this world die. why infants without even a chance of experiencing whatever beauty and love is left in this world move on to the next. why good people get sick.

and on the heels of these thoughts i wonder why people who cause so much harm and damage are allowed to exist, spreading their malice and poison, and creating a dark blot of hate on the spot in this earth where they stand.

why? why? why? and i just have to shrug my shoulders and sigh, because like it or not, no answers will be forthcoming. 

bakit hindi na lang natin pwedeng i-trade in yung mga salbahe para maibalik ang mababait? (why can't we just trade-in the bad ones so we can get the good ones back?)

having said that, i acknowledge the absurdity. but...there it is. 

i guess it's just one of those days.

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