Wednesday, May 12, 2004

boyfriends, taxi and telephone conversations

one day i was in a cab on my way home. "puff the magic dragon" came on over the radio. the driver turned it up. this was how our conversation went.

him: 17 pa lang ako nung lumabas to.
me: di pa ho ako ipinapanganak nun. (with a smile, of course)
him: ilang taon ka na ba?
me: 28 po.
him: dalaga pa?
me: opo. nag-aral po kasi ako.
him: di bale, hihintayin ka naman ng boyfriend mo.
me: ala po akong boyfriend eh.
him: (looking at me sideways since i was sitting up front) sa beauty mong yan?
me: (jokingly) eh, ipinagpalit ho ako eh.
him: (in a very mild, conversational way) aba, mahanap nga yan at mabugbog.

i laughed out loud. wouldn't you have?

another interesting conversation i had with the credit card customer service rep. she called up to ask whether i wanted a supplementary card for my family or not.

her: hi ma'am. gusto lang po naming malaman kung gusto niyo ng supplementary card.
me: required ba?
her: hindi naman po. pero you can get up to 7 supplementary cards. kung ayaw nyo ng 7, pwedeng 3.
me: no thank you.
her: ma'am sa inyo naman po pupunta ang bills.
me: yun nga ang masakit eh.
her: talaga po bang ayaw niyo ma'am? sa kapatid?
me: meron na mga kapatid ko eh.
her: sa kaibigan, boyfriend?
me: ala akong boyfriend eh.
her: OWS?
me: huh?
her: di ako naniniwalang wala kayong boyfriend, ma'am! ang cute cute ng boses niyo eh.
me: (laughing by this time) wala talaga.
her: talaga ma'am? ilang taon na ba kayo?
me: 28.
me: (still laughing) hindi naman.
then i stopped myself. i almost explained my life to her!
her: talaga po ma'am. basta ma'am di ako naniniwala na wala. ang cute cute niyo e. (huh? the application didn't include a picture)
me: wala talaga. ano name mo?
her: m____ po.
me: sige, pag nagka-boyfriend ako, tatawagan kita.
her: pasensya na ho kayo ma'am kasi nacu-cute-an talaga ako sa boses niyo eh.
me: ok lang. bye.

this conversation was fun. ordinarily i wouldn't have entertained the call but she sounded so bubbly. serves me right, i suppose.

still, it made my day. it's interesting how they assume that i have a boyfriend... oh well.

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