Saturday, May 15, 2004

my husband

yes. my husband. i just found out i had one.

a few days ago i ran into a friend from high school. she had her daughter with her. we had coffee while catching up on things. then she asked me how many kids i had already?

huh? i was about to feel insulted. (read: was she saying i'm fat???) then i told her i didn't have kids yet.

then she asked me where my lovey-doods (her phrase, not mine) was. i told her we broke up some time ago.

she gives me this look and says "but you got married na!"

again, huh?

apparently, a couple of years ago a rumor circulated in my hometown that i was already married. hmmm. she didn't tell me whom i was married to. she didn't know.

i ended up laughing and wondering who my supposed husband was (is?)

small towns. can't beat living in one.

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