Friday, February 25, 2005

sleepin the day away

got to baguio this morning around 9 am. we left at 3:30 and got caught in traffic. it is a long weekend after all.

it's been a very tiring week for me, going home late and waking up early to go to work. excluding the shut-eye i got this morning in the car, i have had exactly 12 hours sleep since 6 am of monday morning. hate to admit it, but i'm getting too old for this.

so i slept most of the day away. yza was tucked into my shoulder and i woke up when she did.

still sleepy but hey, a couple more days of sleep would do me good.


1 comment:

  1. Hello Jessie! Buti ka pa! I have to stay here in Manila inspite of the long weekend. Kainggit ka naman! Penge photos ha (kung papasyal ka sa Panagbenga activities, that is)!