Monday, February 28, 2005


i take it back. it's a good day. it's SMSRTF's day!!!

i don't really know how we got close. perhaps it was a common nemesis (ehem ehem) or a common friend. still, i shouldn't wonder about these things. the fact remains that we ended up friends, and that is one thing i will always be thankful for.

she's the type who will call you ugly if she chances upon you on a bad hair day, and yet you won't take offense, knowing she will compliment you if you are compliment worthy. you find yourself thankful she told you so that you can just go and brush your hair or get a makeover or something.

she will listen to your woes, drink with you, then tell you to MOVE ON! (i don't always follow, but i do take note.) :) she will watch angelina jolie with you, and drool with you and not think you weird. she will sit on the grass with you for two hours while waiting for a concert. she will share her mint m&m's. she will tease you forever about some guy she's rooting for. she will love you to bits, though she won't show it.

she's one of the greatest friends anyone can ever have. i lucky, i guess.

so there. i take it back. today is a good day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SMSRTF!!!

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  1. tenchu smsrtf. parang gusto ko nang maiyak...