Tuesday, February 01, 2005

murphy day, if there was one

woke up early this morning to cook breakfast and lunch and to get ready for work. washed dishes and all that. first hit of the day, got splashed by boiling oil. which was fine, it was something i was used to.

left the house and got caught in traffic. hit two. which was tolerable because it was something i had come to expect.

eventually i was back in the groove, singing while driving. only to find out that my car's temperature was going up steadily. soon as i saw that, i cut in front of the buses to go to the nearest gas station. the engine was smoking by this time. hit three.

hit four, no gas stations. ugh! finally stopped at a seminary and the guys there were kind enough to help me.

hit five, the fan was busted. which meant that no matter how much water i loaded, i was still in danger of overheating. damn.

finally headed for work. hit 6. was 30 minutes late. and there was an ongoing meeting. it was only 10:30. long day ahead of me.

should have stayed in bed.


  1. Hello Jessie! Visit ka naman dun sa post ko o on Baguio sa http://baguio-quezon.blogspot.com! We're trying to identify the bakery located beside U-Need!

    Basahin ko mamya post mo, just stealing time from work ehehehe. Later!

    PS. May I include your name in the Baguio bloggers list at http://baguio-quezon.info/blogs.html?

  2. Hello Jessie! So how did your day turn out? For the better I hope.

  3. hi watson. yes, please include me. will visit the site later.

    my day didn't get any better, although it didn't take a turn for the worse either. so i guess that's fine. :) but i slept really early to get rid of the bad feeling. today is good.

    have a good day. :)