Saturday, June 25, 2005

i. do. not. have. a. penis.

at least the last time i checked.

so why is my email being flooded with "ENLARGE YOUR PENIS" or "PERMANENT PENIS GROW" or "KEEP HER SATISFIED."

it irritates the hell out of me because i have to keep checking mail just to delete these mails. with the limited space provided by hotmail (yes, they're still at 2MB) i can't really afford to let my mailbox be crowded by stupid spam like this.

sigh. if i didn't love my email address so much i'd switch. but then i've had that address since 1997 and friends i haven't heard from in years still send mail to that address just to see if they got it right.

plus, i sometimes get mail from people that amuse me no end. i once got 3 emails from 3 separate guys in the UK offering to send me fare money so i could marry them. UGH. but i found it funny. but that's another story.

back to my main train of thought, i have no way of unsubscribing because i never subscribed in the first place.

sigh. irritating.


  1. Anonymous10:33 AM

    hi! did you know about neil gaiman's book tour in manila? details here:


  2. yes i know about it. thanks for the link though. got the picture above from it. :)