Saturday, June 11, 2005

tinola on a cold saturday morning

there's nothing like waking up to a good home-cooked meal.

got to baguio around 630 this morning. went to sleep and got up a couple of hours later. by the time i was up and about, my parents and my sister were already done eating. but there was hot food on the table, and there were sliced fruits and the table was set for me.

i've evolved into the independent sort over the years, mainly because i lived away from home and partly for survival. so when my sister and i got an apartment, i did the cooking and the cleaning (sundays when i had the strength).

i started cooking breakfast for myself and my sister, and bringing a lunch box to school. just so i wouldn't have to spend so much of my allowance eating out.

when i started working, i did the same. cook breakfast and lunch, eat at home, bring my lunch to the office, and try to be home to eat dinner.

the set-up works well for me because i can choose what i eat, my food is msg free, i can satisfy my cravings, and i don't spend as much as i would have had i kept on eating out.

but sometimes it gets tiresome. i wake up in the morning and i tell myself to get up and start preparing for work and i just snuggle deeper into bed. i want to get at least an hour more of sleep, or perhaps two. i get up, though, and start my day.

which is why coming home is always a treat. i wake up to a home cooked meal and i don't have to measure food by the cup, or think about what i'm going to have for my next meal.

i am the independent sort. but there's nothing like going home.

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