Sunday, August 07, 2005

dem lights are on but ders nobody home

me. going to the 41st floor from the 44th. gets on elevator, stares at door. realizes didn't press button. gets off at 39th. goes into another elevator. gets off at 41st.

me. going to 44th floor from the 42nd. with a paper cup full of steaming mocha. gets on elevator, stares at door. presses button. realizes elevator going down. gets off at the 40th. waits for another elevator, goes in, gets off at 44th. cup still steaming.



  1. Been there. Done that. I know you can get over it. Matindi ka lang talaga magmahal kaso sa mga maling tao nga lang.

    Nagsalita ano? Alam ko kung gaano kasakit.

  2. lemme guess... too much blood in your alcohol again? :)