Wednesday, August 24, 2005

thanks bading

yesterday was a bad day all around. my parents have been in the hospital for almost two weeks already and yesterday we found out my dad has dengue and my mom might be in danger too.

got a severe talking to at work and i walked out of the conference room thinking i must be really stupid.

things at the romantic front aren't any better.

i've never really appreciated the meaning of the phrase "falling apart at the seams." that's what it felt like. and for a moment all i could do was sit down and try not to bawl my eyes out.

sent messages to a couple of friends and one of them told me to have faith, that i shouldn't let my emotions take control of me, and that everything will be fine. i believed him.

but this text message from my beautiful pregnant friend takes the cake:

hey... it's okay. we all have bad days. tom will be better promise. ur dad wil get bettr. ur mom wont catch it. work's just work, u know. and love..wel we know that's a rollr coastr ride. basta isipn mo n lng, u hav 2 stay gorgeous. anong isipn ng anak ko? that i keep ugly company??

needless to say, that put things into perspective. i sent her a message telling her that she needn't fear, i will always be gorgeous. (ahem). to which she replied, "good. yun lang naman ang immediate concern ko eh."

sometimes, when you feel that everything is going dark, the Big Guy Up There sends someone to do His work and give you hope. no matter how absurd the delivery is.

whoever said that He doesn't have a sense of humor is dead wrong.


  1. So sorry to hear about your parents. But like your bading pregnant friend said, they will pull this through.

  2. Anonymous9:58 AM

    hay. eto ang mga panahong hindi mo alam kung dapat mo bang iinom ang ka-sad na pangyayari. o iyosi na lang.

    smsrtf, hindi man ako makaktulong sa problema mo, dalawa lang masasabi ko... this too shall pass. at miss na kita.

  3. thanks watson. my sister tells me they're slowly recovering. at least it's good news. :)

    smsrtf, salamat. miss din kita.

  4. Anonymous11:46 PM

    hey there! according to the person i sent the stuff through, he mailed them last august 14 from iloilo via registered mail. if you haven't gotten a registry notice yet for you to pick up the thing at the UPPO, try calling them; it should have gotten there by now (daw!). i think it will help cheer you & your folks up. ---J

  5. hey you still online?

    got the package. thanks. sent you mail.