Tuesday, August 09, 2005

does this make sense to you?

this morning on the way to work my sister and i were talking about a couple of her friends who actually spent tons of money (well maybe i exaggerate..) just to have their fortunes told, their tarot cards read, and all other things of similar import. it got me thinking, have i ever spent money to have my fortune told? why are they doing this?

the only time i can recall having my fortune told was when my teacher in communications I told the class that she'll read the palms of the first 3 people to finish their essays. i finished second. she read my palm. no surprises there -- one great love, several affairs, will have to work hard to get what i want.... yada yada yada. oh and one other time when my brother-in-law's cousin offered to read my palm. he wanted to open my third eye. i said no thankee and he just told me then that if i wanted something bad enough, i'm just going to have to ask really hard because somebody unseen was waiting around to grant my desires.

but i never paid for them.

people pay to be told their future. does this mean that the future has happened and it's just waiting for us to arrive? that the life we are leading is just a road we're following and we have no control over the events that take place because they're already fixed? (does this paragraph make sense to you?)

i find that scary. it's like i'm following a script i didn't even know i read, and that all the mistakes, achievements, and other landmarks in my life were dictated. preordained. programmed. one big movie. somebody actually wrote it into the script that i am going to feel this much happiness, this much pain... what kind of life is that? is that even a life at all?

on the other hand, people say that you choose your destiny. choose it? with the choices we make at every crossroad we come to? so for each person there are gazillions of futures and every choice made will dictate which future you'll arrive at? my sister said it's just like those "choose your own adventure" books. each decision leads to a different page and a different destiny. so is it like that? but that's also preordained.

parallel universes perhaps? at some other universe i'm making different choices and experiencing different things, and going to a different path. but it's still me. and sometimes i and the other mes make the same choices that lead to the same place but at different times? (that would explain deja vu some). would that be preordained?

hmmm. this is making me dizzy.

food for thought. if the "future" is preordained, then wouldn't every single authentic tarot reader or palm reader say the same thing? or are they just giving the possibilities?

hmmm. do they go to fortune tellers because they need something to believe in? they need to be told that they're going to be alright, that they'll find love, they'll be happy? if that's the case then i suppose i would gladly pay for that assurance.

but still, i would like to think that my life is my own, and my future unknown. to anyone. that my mistakes are mine, achievements mine, happiness all mine. that they are my own doing. nobody to blame but me, but at least i'm not following somebody else's script.

so i'll ask you again, did this post make sense?


  1. Op cors it makes sense Jessie!

    The future is unknown to us all. That's whay it's so exciting to know just what might lay ahead. And people get a bit of that by having their fortune told or through horoscope. It's like we do not have control over the future so we try to at least take a peek on what's out there. But of course, the decision still rests with us.

    Parang ang galing kong mag-explain ano? hehehe. In truth, my byenan had a friend who reads palms stay for the night in Baguio. And then, katuwaan, we had our palms read. She said that baby Jo-Lo will be lucky for us, and that we will have more blessings in terms of monetary rewards. But we have to be careful in planning for a second child, for my wife's life will be in jeopardy if it will happen within the next three to five years. Nakakatakot rin.

  2. wow! advertisment site na rin pala 'tong blog mo tina! :)
    anyway, about the topic of choice, do you know that i'm such a fan of fortune tellers?! i'm such a believer i've been to like four different ones (pero yung isa bogus HAHA)! i wanna think that in the end, we are the ones who make the choices in life, but sometimes fate has a way of bringing us to those choices we have to make. labo ba? hehehe

  3. hehehe. strangely, that made sense. :D anyways, yung mga advertisements na yan, i think they visit blogs at random and advertise. kainis nga eh.

  4. "Psychics help" insecure people feel that there is an underlying plan for everything. This is much more comforting than realizing our actions have consequences, and conversely that many times things happen for no justifiable reason. "Psychics" are simply people that are good at "cold reading" individuals. Go here: http://www.amctv.com/article?CID=1879-1--0-3-EST for an introduction to cold reading, and the ways in which "psychics" manipulate their marks, using props such as Tarot cards.

    In 1986, Johnny Carson helped to debunk one of the most famous "psychics" of our time, Uri Geller. Download this: http://www.darat.org/~dimossi/James.Randi.debunking.on.Tonight.Show.wmv video and watch as a "psychic" goes down in flames.

    To quote John Connor: No Fate But What We Make.

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  6. thanks mark a. appreciate it. :)