Tuesday, October 25, 2005

beauty, brains, and blessings in the sky.

the other night my sister and i went out with e, ate k's stewardess friend. we got to talking about dispositions, and how as a general rule beautiful people have sunnier dispositions.

i don't really subscribe to this proposition, but i had to agree to some extent.

i have this theory that beautiful people have a more positive outlook in life because they don't have to deal with as much prejudice as those who were born not beautiful. e said that the world is kinder to beautiful people.

it's somewhat jaded but it's true. if you grow up with people around you telling you how cute you are, how wonderful you look, how beautiful...you don't have to develop a defensive skin around yourself. you just take it as it comes. the world is good to you, you're good to the world.

but if you're young and vulnerable, and people keep remarking that you don't look like this or that truly good-looking ancestor, or that your siblings are really beautiful (with undertones saying: what happened to YOU?), or if you have classmates in school who keep calling you pangit, you tend to develop a defensive attitude, to keep from getting hurt. yes, people can be mean.

so you put your chin up and you tell them to bugger off, and you don't care. and then it gets to a point where your defenses don't go down anymore, and having that attitude becomes default.

i'm not saying this is true in all cases. i have met people who are not beautiful. not ugly, just not beautiful in a conventional way i suppose. and they have the cheeriest of dispositions, that seeing them smile makes my day and i get the feeling that all is right in the world. wala silang galit sa mundo.

i think it's because most of these people were treated right -- equally. minahal sila nang husto. the way everybody should be treated.

on the other hand i have encountered marvelously beautiful people who have everything they could possibly want, yet they still think that the world sucks. what's up with that? again, it must be the environment they grew up in.

so i guess this world would be a better place if people treated everyone else in a good way. after all, it can't hurt to be nice. and each deed goes a long way.

hmmm. food for thought.


going back to e, she has this colleague who is really beautiful, sexy, and nice. but... um... she's a little like melanie marquez.

"you know what? that's a blessing in the sky."

guess we can't have it all. :)


  1. naman o. bakit naman napunta pa sa "sky" 'yung blessing?? siyet...


  2. rkamikaze11:50 AM

    Back in psych, i read scientific studies that prove this fact. Personality really isn't nature vs. nurture ---- it's the interaction of both. Children born good looking were treated better by adults and as a result, these children grew up more sociable and secure.